• uTyped Umbraco package

    At Deep Focus we released our first NuGet package. It is called uTyped and it solves a problem we’ve had with many projects when using Umbraco.
  • The C# parameterless default constructor

    There’s not many things in C# that I wish were different, but this is one of them.If you define a class, it comes with a default public and parameterless con...
  • Understand IIS rewrite and redirect rules

    A while ago, I answered a question on stackoverflow asking clarifications about the IIS rewrite module and how back references work.This question has receive...
  • Setup Travis CI to compile a C# project and run NUnit tests

    I recently built a C# library to access the New York City MTA service status feed.This project includes unit tests built with the NUnit framework and it was ...

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